Chandeliers and ceiling fans need routine maintenance and cleaning to make sure they look their best. The accumulation of dust and mold spores on the fan blades can be very unsightly and may even create health issues. Without proper cleaning, these spores and dust particles are released back into the air you breathe which may cause irritation to individuals with allergies and asthma.

Often times these fixtures are high up and located in hard to reach areas. Do not risk your safety attempting to clean it on your own.  Our technicians are properly trained on safe ladder use and have the proper access equipment for the job at hand.

While we are taking care of your fans and chandeliers, don't forget to let us take care of any mirrors you have in your home as well.

Clean fixtures in Central Florida have never been easier. Dial 407-324-9876 to speak to a Tropical Window Cleaning team member ready to help.

Home & Commercial Fan Cleaning

We can help clean hard to reach fans & chandeliers. Your home is never truly cleaned until all dust and debris has been lifted off hanging objects.

Chandelier Cleaning

The best way to relieve allergies is to have your chandelier & fans cleaned. The best way to prevent unnecessary sinus pressure along with facial aches and pains is to have your home routinely cleaned. That includes harder to reach fixtures like chandeliers & fans.